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So last year I went on hoilday to France.
One night, I was in our cottage in the middle of nowhere, sat alone in the dark flicking through the French and German TV channels about people's opinions of cheeses.
Anyway, after a good period of time flicking, this giant grotesque face jumped out at me from the silhouette of darkness in the cottage.
The more and more I watched this, the more and more I was disturbed. I speak no German, so I couldn't understand a word. I felt incredibly scared and uncomfortable watching this shouting mad block gradually lose his mind and stare right into my soul as I sat in alien settings in the dead of night.
It won't give you the same experience watching it on Youtube as I got in the environment I was in, but it might give you some idea how fucking hellish it was.

Watch video 2 if you want to skip straight to some intensity.

This just looped over and over and over and over again all night, this guy never managing to escape from his hellish blank prison.



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22nd Feb, 2010 19:37 (UTC)
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