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Hi guys.
So, after spending some time pretending to work in a shop for no money, I figured it might be an idea to, y'know, ACTUALLY work in a shop for real money.

I blitzed out some CVs (full of lies) one fine day and the next day I got a response from the Post Office. Now I've got a job there.


So currently I just work in the shop bit, selling wool, stamps, stationary, food, lottery tickets and scratchcards. You wouldn't believe how much people waste on that gambling shit.

On my first day alone on the tills turns out I overcharged £300 on wool oops lol

I'm a pro now


So I get a few regulars. Most notably Irish Coronation man, Maria and Gambling Jane.

Maria is a shrivelled 73 (I'm guessing) year-old Italian/Romanian/Dracula woman with glasses and a bony nose. She's a nice enough woman but I made the mistake of telling her my name. Now everytime I see her (everyday for about an hour when she keeps buying scratchcards, scratching them, buying more, scratching, rinse, repeat) she says "Hello. Goot to see you." and repeats over and over again "Lee you are very nice" in a worrying tone of voice that I fear is an attempt at coming on to me.

Gambling Jane is annoying and comes at the most inconvenient times. She's a fat shaven haired lesbian convict woman who actually went to prison and my half-boss Del the Funky Homosapien tells me she's "completely ripped people apart" inside the shop before. Not someone I want to get on the wrong side of. Apparently she doesn't like being called Jane but rather prefers "James".

She comes in the shop for hours at a time, buys a £20 wad of scratchcards, wins nothing, buys another £20 pound wad, wins £3, buys another £20 wad, wins nothing, buys another £20 wad, wins £7 etc. She pushes in and holds up queues no end.

Yesterday Gambling Jane came in and stopped me from flirting with a cute Italian girl and then held me up until cute Italian girl had to leave :<

Cute Italian girl still went out of her way to say bye to me though. Fuck yeaaaaaaaaaah

Fun facts I've learnt at work:
-Posh people don't know what landscape means.
-Half the population of Boscombe have wonky eyes.
-The Queen's coronation anniversary is June 2nd.
-I should leave my job and become a surveyor like Mrs. Customer's husband.
-My half-boss has a catchphrase. "There are cheaper ways to kill yourself."

If I bring in some references I get a job upgrade. Fuck yeaaaaaaaaah.

Yesterday I got paid for the first time ever and now

Me enjoying my new found wealth

But my boss is giving me the wrong minium wage lol. £1 more an hour than I should get. Waheeey.

I'm off the dole now. Got this job just in time 2 days before they were going to send me on a compulsory 2 week "how to write a CV and go to interviews" course with violent unsavoury characters/dolescum lolol.

Farewell Welfare :<


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13th Jun, 2010 19:46 (UTC)
Re: ;oirjnv
More than you'll ever know.
14th Jun, 2010 00:17 (UTC)
I also
work in the gambling industry and must say people are stupid.

I suspect you work in a post office.
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