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Hi, sorry we haven't been in touch for a while. I meant to phone you, but work's been getting in the way.
You see, I got a job upgrade a while back. NEW RECORD!

Now I work at the actual Post Office counters.
What does that entail?

Lot's of fancy shit, let me tell you.

I do government services. I do people's passports, road tax, fishing licences, shit like that. Fuck knows how many lives I've destroyed with my mistakes on these official documents. I'm outta my depth haha.

I also do people's bills, their personal and commercial banking stuff and premium bonds etc. They've given a precise high financial-risk job to an incompetent retard with no understanding of financial systems lolol.

Last but not least I sell stamps, AWWW YEAAAAAH. I know all the different flavours now. Fancy stuff. I had to send a letter to PM David Cameron the other day oho.

The ergonomics of my job are killing me slowly killing me slowly killing me softly with his song. Drawers too low that require a one sided tilt every 30 seconds, a till that is directly below my chestline meaning a real downwards crane of the neck, and I have to bend down all the time. Also I seem to be blunting my fingers with repetitive abbrasive use of touch screens. My body is slowly but surely deforming.

How do I feel about it all?

Here's the dealio: it's a stable job, it has perfect hours for me, it's stimulating beyond shop and numerical jobs, it has lots of public interaction and working a reasonable number of months in a Post Office is fantastic for CVs (especially as I've never been employed prior). Those are all things that are calling me to keep it as long as I can.

But contrairement, it's minimum wage, there's no current possibility of full time (although I'm not sure whether I want this or not, the current 25 hours are perfect), the ergonomics are killing me, and life has become pretty slow and isn't going anywhere exciting.

I want to go to Uni, but I don't know what I want to study yet. Now I was planning on maybe getting a Winter job in France/Switzerland to see if I like French enough/am competent enough to study it. But there are reasons not to abandon the job that took enough will power to get in the first place. I think I'm going to wait until November until I decide because I'm supposed to be trained up for a new responsability soon, but I fear I'll be just as indecisive when the time arrives.

Tl;dr: I'm a faggot and I sell stamps.


....STOP THE PRESS!!! Since the time of writing I've been offered full-time 9-5 every day and I perhaps too foolishly accepted. Rivers of moolah but no soul and no free tiem

Oh Lord the things I get myself into.


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16th Nov, 2010 00:13 (UTC)
* What's the most difficult thing you have to do? Can I come and do that?
* Bend with yo' knees foo'.
* You should clearly study Computer Science. All the cool kids do (me excepted)
* Didn't you ask for a pay rise when you started to have more responsibilities? I have a payrise to a whole £6/hour! But they don't give me any work to do. So no money :(
* Can't free time occur outside of 9 til 5? You useless lay-about :P Students have it far worse (I only had 3 hours today \o/)
* Last, but not least: I HATE YOU
16th Nov, 2010 08:00 (UTC)
Can you find out if I have any premium bonds? I don't really know what they are.

Also yeah I agree, if they've put you through this intensive training course then you might be valuable enough warrant a pay rise. See if you can suss out how useful they think you are.
20th Nov, 2010 15:52 (UTC)
We only sell the Premium bonds. You'll need to contact NS&I if you want any info on existing accounts.

My bosses are the Grinch and Seung-Hui Cho so I don't see a payrise happening any time soon. I'm only still there for the fancy exp. and money accumulation so I have enough left to be content when I leave some time in the first half of next year. There's not much more I can develop so I've pretty much peaked the job.
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