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On some Tuesday some time I went to a field in the middle of nowhere to be an extra in a film for my pal Director Toby Dale.

I was a soldier along with aj and Byrom. This involved lots of shooting, dying, and falling. Also lots of rolling down hills for lulz. Pew pew pew.

The effects on that shit are siiiick.

Get the full scoop here:
(Our action scenes from 6:30 onwards)

Made a giant crab sand sculpture on the beach for the Landcrab Film Festival got a free burger talked about Badass Neil Buchanan and Pokémon etc.

Pretty self-explanitory.


One fine evening I was chilling when I got a phonebizzle call asking if I wanted to go to a random free gig in Portsmouth due to friends with tickets being unable to go. At first I was apprehensive at the short notice and usual difference in music taste between me and my friends. With a deadline to leave at the short notice of 5 minutes away, I went with the answer of Yes.

AND BOY, I DO NOT REGRET IT. I went to see a chap called Frank Turner (who I'd never heard, but I'd heard a couple of loose acquaintances speak highly of him). Man alive, his live performance was one of the most energetic ones I've ever seen. I found myself picking up the choruses and singing along. He's a guy from Winchester with roots in Bournemouth, which made the atmosphere in the crowd all the more awesome. The beardy support acts were ace too.

A++ would see again. One of the best concerts I've been to (and one of the most organic).


I'm going to be "working" in a cardboard shop for a couple of hours on Friday for the OutsideIN Collective's latest art project. A shop where all the products and props are made from cardboard. Original-design counterfeit money is going to be given out so people can go in and buy stuff.

"THIS is the idea...
'Shop' will be a unique and totally immersive art event. We are taking over a local disused shop and creating a playful interactive performance within it.

'Shop' will be filled with the inner workings of your average retail store, aisles and aisles of different products and shop assistants stacking shelves. However the 'Shop' experience is sure to be anything but average. The products are all hand made from cardboard and range from the mundane to the surreal. As you walk through 'Shop's doors you are given a new currency and invited to purchase highly imaginative items that are unavailable elsewhere. 'Shop' is completed by its employees, from the bubbly and helpful, to the bizarre and confrontational. Through this framework, and the many different items 'Shop' will offer, we aspire to captivate the high street audience. Whether it is a five-year old girl who is happy to be playing shop with her mum and taking home a 'Unicorn Licence' or a student who likes the humorous word play and satirical nature of 'Diet Fat'. This art event is designed to be as inclusive as the subject matter it self. We want young and old, art lover, critic or apathetic passer by to engage, have fun and question the experience of being a consumer in our society.


Sounds amazing. I'll let you know how it works out.


29th Apr, 2010 09:42 (UTC)
I love how you make yourself sound like a busy person. Good work!